Saturday, 5 March 2011

First Things First


It's weird but a feel slightly nervous about doing this.  But Here goes.

I'm a wanna be writer.  Am I living in cloud Cuckoo land? Most probably.  Am I any good? I have no idea.  If i don't take the plunge and have a go who knows what I would be missing out on.

In the last year It's feels as though my life had been turned upside down, shaken around abit and then  I have been dumped and left to blindly find my way back. While dizzingly trying to put the pieces back together. I have resolved that I am now a new me, with a new outlook and objective and hopefully you will be able to follow my journey on this site.


  1. Great stuff! Love it. You'll do great. I'll be following :)

    Good luck

  2. Good luck Jayne. I will be reading.