Friday, 8 July 2011


As I sit here all dry and warm outside there is an immense thunderstorm occuring.  The rumble of thunder is ear splitting and the flashes of lighting blinding.  The sky is as dark as night yet there is an illusion of light and a very faint rainbow can just be made out.

The rain is pounding against the windows and bouncing off the pavements.  I love thunder storms.  It always makes me feel slightly anxious but in a good way. It is as if your very nerve endings tingle and the hairs on the back on your neck stand up.  There is an air of nervous excitement.

As I look into the garden the dark dark shadows against the yellow sunflowers makes the colours so vivid and bright.  They are dancing their heads to in the increasing winds that have sprung from nowhere. 

I am glad that I am looking at this from the inside.  I have had my soaking for the day.  It was my daughters first sports day today and just as is was about to start a light drizzle started, which soon stopped shortly to be followed by the heavens opening and the rain cascading from the heavens.  It was all good fun.  Needless to say 2 races in and the event was ended.


  1. Having read your profile Jaune, it was like reading about myself except, I don't have any children (was never blessed)- but I do have two wonderful nephews (both in their 30s) - and I'm still smoking!!! How did you manage to give up?

    Keep smilinmg, keep laughing and keep writing.

  2. Oops - typos! Sorry, sorry, sorry Jayne - misspelled your name - have slapped my hand and going to stand in corner with 'dunce' hat on as punishment. But I hope my misspelling of the word 'smiling' has made you smile :)