Saturday, 17 September 2011


We went on our first Autumnal walk today and had the best time.  It was a case of wellies on (Yep, I have wellies with big stars on them) rain jackets at the ready and off we went.   It was a good job because it was rather muddy in places and it did rain a bit, but we didn't care.

Charlie found a huge puddle to splash in and it wasn't long before Faye and I were joining in.  Unfortunately for Charlie he only has little legs and his trousers were wet from top to bottom, luckily I had taken spares.  Then we got jumped on by a very fussy, very wet dog which was horrible, but quite funny.  The dog was bigger than Charlie and nearly knocked him off his feet, bless him.

The funniest moment had to be while we were sat on a bench having some lovely fruit pastilles Faye decided to shout bogies at the top of her voice, closely followed by Charlie (Anyone that has kids that watch Dick and Dom will know the reason why.)  Just at that moment a rather well to do older couple were walking past with their dog.  They gave us a really strange look and hurried on past.  I nearly choked on my sweet and had tears literaly rolling down my face .  Of course that was it for the rest of the walk.  All that could be heard was my two screeching bogies as loudly and as many times as possible.

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