Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sleep Walking!

My six year old got a bit disorientate in the night.  I heard her get up around 10 pm and go to what I assumed was the loo.  I traced her footsteps and before long heard a little foorsteps go back to her bedroom.  Thought nothing more of it, carried on reading my book and drinking my coffee.

Went up to bed an hour later and almost knocked myself out on the airing cupboard door.  Now, I always go up to bed in the dark, it's a habit I haven't broken since my children were babies and the littlest thing woke them up.  Usually, not a problem but when unexpectedly there is a huge door blocking the path... Needless to say it frightened the life out of me and to make matters worse there was a big wet puddle on the floor.

I screamed rather loudly, switched he light on and there on the landing was a big puddle and a pair of discarded pyjamas.  Bless her, she had obvously got a bit lost and thought sod it.  I'll wee here.  Why she took the pyjamas off is a mystery. I cleared up the puddle and  crept into  her room tocheck on her.

There she was all snuggled under the duvet in her a birthday suit snoring rather loudly.  Tiptoed out, closed the door and left her to sleep.

5am in the morming a little girl stands at the side my bed "Mummy, why haven't I got any clothes on?" she asks.  "You took them off, baby" I tell her.  "I did not mummy.  I didn't take them off at all." she crossly replied. "It's alright, I'll get you some clean ones" "But, where are my other ones. Don't tell me the fairies have pinched them in the night.  Have they been in my bedroom again?" With that she puts on her nightie, climbs back into bed and goes back to sleep.

Needless to say this morning she cannot remember a thing about it

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