Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kiddizoom Mayhem!

I'm really starting to regret purchasing the Kiddizoom camera/video camera for my 6 year old.  she is driving me nuts with it.  It's like being on a reality TV show she never turns the goddam thing off.  She captures my every move and word and the amount of dodgy photos that yes, I have deleted, is unreal.

The other day I just fancied a nice hot bubble bath so I settled the kids in front of the TV put on their favourite DVD and snuck off upstairs, stupidly thinking I would have 10 minutes to myself.  Ran the water and poured in loads of my new foam bath.  Checked where the kids were, still watching TV.  Result!

Just managed to sink into the bath, closed my eyes and "muuuummmmyyy" In she barged camera in hand "I'm gonna film you in the bath  haaahaaahaaa."  Nightmare! She spent the next 10 minutes documenting my every move before off came her clothes and in she got.  As if that wasn't bad enough Charlie decided to follow suit.  Kids!

So much for a nice relaxing bath.  Just for information the film has been deleted.

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