Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spoilt Little Piggies!

As well as having two children to look after, I also have to beautiful little guinea pigs.  My ladies as they are affectionately known are currently sulking with me.  They are probably two of the most spoilt piggies around. They live indoors in my dining room and cost me an absolute fortune in cucumber.  They currently munch their way through at least one a day; plus on my shopping list are carrots, cabbage, curly kale and broccoli.  I often find myself having to make special trips to the shops because I've run out of a specific vegetable they like.

They demand attention everytime I walk past their cage and love nothing better than a snuggle.  Lily loves to lay in Faye's arms like a baby.  I mean what kind of a piggie is she?

The reason they are sulking is that I accidentally manged to drop their cage when I was cleaning it out, resulting in a rather large crack right across the bottom of it. Now, rather than rush straight out and buy a new one I remembered I had a spare in the loft.  It's slightly smaller than their original and rather then wire is has a plastic top.  Well, quite frankly, they hate it! 

Since they have moved in, all they have done it fight with each other and squeak rather loudly at me.  They are definitely letting me know exactly what they feel about their new home. When they are not squeaking they sit looking at me with little miserable faces.  Yes, I know that sounds crazy.  How does a piggy have a miserable face?  Well, they can.  You can see it in their eyes.   I guess come payday the first item on my list will be a new home for my babies.

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