Thursday, 21 March 2013

Trip to the Docs!

It was a trip to doctors for us today.  Faye woke up, after sleeping all night I might add unlike Charlie who woke me up three times, with ear ache.  It was a day off school and she proceeded to jump into my bed and stay there watching TV like the queen until gone 10am.  I'm starting to get slightly concerned that at aged 7 she is already showing signs of the stroppy teenager she will no doubt become and I'm not looking forward to that all.  Not only is she staying in bed until all hours of the day we have the stamping, growling and slamming doors.  If she anything like me I'll be in for a very rocky ride.

Anyway the ear ache has been checked out by the doctor and thankfully it's not an ear infection so it shoud clear up fairly quickly.  By dinner time she was showing signs of feeling better despite her protestations of it feeling worse then ever I know the tell tale signs and it's looking like back to school tomorrow for the last day of the term before the Easter break.

My plans for today were blown apart.  I had arranged to meet up with a friend for a good old natter and get the weekly shop done and dusted leaving me free tonight to get cracking with some serious writing.  None of that happened.  My natter had to be postponed and my free night turned out to be a trip to the supermarket.  I finaly managed to sit down at 8pm and that's me shattered.

It's another night all my own.  My man is still away and probably right now getting a little bit drunk.  The only consellation is that at least I won't have to sleep next to him because he snores like a trooper when he's had a drink.  I will get comfy in the middle of my bed and read until my hearts content.

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