Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We Won. Twice!

It has been a crazy few days.  I have so much that I want to write about that I just don't know where to start.  I'm going to have to break it down or I'll bore you all night.  I'll start with the big news of today.  It was my princesses school Easter bonnet parade.  Last night saw me sat once again with the dreaded glue and glitter putting the finishing touches to our Easter bonnet and decorated egg entry  I hate arts and crafts and haven't enjoyed it one little bit but I have made the effort for my kids sake.   Let me tell you a little more about the decorated egg competition.

Not only does the school hold a competition for the best Easter bonnet there is also a further optional competition to enter a decorated egg.  My original idea was to make a lamb out of a polystyrene egg, using a bit of cotton wool, some cocktail sticks and pipe cleaners.  That would be it, job done.  It all started out well.  Then the idea started to escalate and before I knew where I was we were creating a farm complete with a farmhouse made out of tissue boxes and fences made out of lolly sticks.  I have to say that it's been a team effort and a lot of effort has been put onto it. 

This morning saw us gently trying to transport the creations to school.  Not an easy task when hundreds of little bits and pieces are glued into place.  One little knock or bang could have been fatal.

This afternoon I took my seat in the school hall and watched close to 200 kids parading up and down the stage showing off their creations.  Some of them were absolutely fantastic. The hall was filled with a cacophony of fluffy yellow chicks, white rabbits and multi-coloured eggs.  One hat in particular stood out from the crowd, a massive Noah's ark that barely stayed on the child's head, I do wonder how much input the child had with the creation.  It did look amazing but maybe a little bit to professional.

Each class had a first, second and third place winner and I was very proud to hear we had won third place.  As Faye climbed onto stage to accept her prize, a small Easter egg, she grinned from ear to ear.

Next up was the announcement of the decorated egg competition.  This time there was only first, second and third place prizes for the year group so the pressure was on.  I was gobsmacked to hear we had won first prize.  I was so proud when I saw her standing on the stage fit to burst.

To complete my day nicely I went on to  win a bottle of wine of the raffle.  Just what I needed after the stressful few glue filled weeks.

Charlie isn't having an Easter bonnet or a decorated egg competition but not one to be left out he has joined in with the arts and crafts shenanigans.  His lambs do look a little mutant like with their huge legs towering above his farmhouse.  Think there is a story there.  Attack of the killer spring lambs.  Hmmm... What do you think?

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