Friday, 17 May 2013

The Murder Workers

I sat and watched this programme last night and I have to say I cannot believe how much it affected me.  For anyone that didn't watch it, it was about 3 people who deal with the relatives after a loved one has been murdered. I take my hat off to these people because it's not a job that I could do.

These brave families told the stories of how their loved ones were murdered and it showcased how they tried to deal with the aftermath.  Having to go through trials and not always get the verdict that was needed.  The part that really got me was the family whose dad killed their mum, the 3 young children sat describing that day broke my heart.  The little girl sat playing with her doll whilst chatting away and I just couldn't get the thought out of my head that she was Charlies age and I couldn't imagine him having to deal with something like that. 

Another tragic moment was when a mum had to sit and watch CCTV footage of the moments after her son was savagely beaten.  It showed how he was dragged through the nightclub and left out on the street.  A truly harrowing thing for anyone to watch so to know that that person is your son doesn't bare thinking about.

When the programme finished I could feel the lump in my throat and I had this over whelming need to go upstairs and kiss and hug both of my kids.  Which I did.  I take them for granted on a day to day basis so much.  I tell them off and get angry with them for things which, when put into context, are silly.  It really re-enforced the fact that I need to cherish every minute because these tragedies happen to innocent people all the time and peoples lifes' are shattered in a heartbeat.

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  1. I donated money to victim support straigtht after. Gut wrneching programme. 9 years in Germany for someone's life is out of order.