Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review of My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier

One of my all time favourite books by this author is the classic, Rebecca.  I've always wanted to read more of Daphne's books but never got around to it but after reading this one I will definitely be seeking out more of her works.

Like Rebecca this book has a haunted feel to it.  You are never quite sure of exactly what is really going on.  behind the façade of the characters there's a whole host of lies and deceit unfolding, many of which are never fully revealed and a lot is left to the readers imagination.

Phillip Ashley is orphaned at a young age and goes to live with the life long bachelor relative, Ambrose.  They enjoy each others company and Ambrose revels in his relationship with the young Phillip regarding him as his own son.  When Ambrose embarks on a trip to Florence little did he know that he would meet and fall in love with his cousin Rachel.  Little did he also know that he would never return and would fall seriously ill with a brain tumour and meet his end. 

Phillip is devastated when he receives a letter from a sick Ambrose and departs immediately for Florence.  Regrettably he arrives to late and his uncle and passed away and Rachel has packed up the villa and disappeared.

In time she contacts Phillip and arranges to come to the family home and bring Ambrose's belonging back to their rightful place.  Phillip is prepared to hate the woman however upon meeting her however his opinions begin to change and could he possibly be falling in love with her.

Ambrose has left a trail of letters that Phillip uncovers and they all point towards Rachel not being the woman she portrays.  Was Ambrose really ill or was his illness caused by poisoning?  When Phillip falls ill not long after her arrival is he really ill or are there more sinister goings on.  Is Rachel trying to get her hands on the inheritance that she missed out on on Ambrose's death.

This was a brilliant read and the storyline twists and turns and even right to the end the truth is never fully uncovered.  Can't wait to read more of Du Maurier's work.

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