Friday, 8 November 2013

When things go wrong they certainly do it style.

Yes I'm in rant mode again tonight.  I need to rant to take my mind off the leak that's sprung up from the cylinder in my airing cupboard. It's been leaking since the weekend, very slightly and I had an engineer out yesterday, who kind of looked at it, scratched his head, shone the light from his mobile phone around the area of the leak and said, "Well it could be a fixing, which would have to be ordered in or it could be a crack in the tank, which again would need to be ordered in. I'll have to have a word with my boss tomorrow and we'll get the office to give you a call." and promptly left.  I wasn't too happy at that.  For starters I had a routine appointment booked in two weeks ago for a routine service of my boiler so I rang up on Monday and added the request for them to look at the leak.  "Not a problem," I was told, "the same guy can look at it for you.  It's booked in for Thursday as a morning appointment.  So, I waited and waited and waited and received a phone call at 12:30, "Very sorry but the engineer is running late."  That's the second time they have done that to me now.  Eventually he arrived at 4.40pm.  A full day wasted for ten minutes of nothing.

Ok, I thought.  It's not leaking to badly and it can wait a couple more days.  You can imagine my horror tonight when I walked in from work to find water dripping all the way down my hallway from the tank upstairs to the bottom of my stairs. I Immediately called the engineers, who I hasten to add had not bothered to make any attempt to contact me today and was told they'd get in touch with the engineer and call me back.  Surprise, surprise an hour and a half later and no phone call.

So, I rang back again.  Explained who I was only to be told oh yes your waiting for a quote, I'll get onto it.  No, I'm not waiting for a quote.  I pay a policy that covers repairs, replacements etc etc.  Oh ok, came the reply.  We are waiting for the engineer to come back into the office and we'll call you back.

This time they did call me back.  They've disregarded the idea of a replacement fixing and have gone straight to replacing the tank.  At a cost of £500 to me.  "But I pay a policy for this," I said.  "Oh no, came the reply.  This isn't covered under the policy."  Arggghhhh.  Now, I'm no plumber but how can a quick look with a mobile phone establish that the problem is definitely a crack in my water tank.  When the tank is covered in thick insulation and you can't even see.  Maybe the engineer has a crystal ball.  Or maybe they are just trying to rip me off!  A closer inspection of my own and I clearly see that the connection from the pipe to the tank is actually cracked.  Could that in fact really be the problem.  Quite possibly.

I told them non too politely where they could shove their £500 charges.  I'm going to get a second opinion of their so called diagnosis before I part with a penny.  So, I have spent tonight clearing up water and replacing towel after towel to soak up the water.  I even resorted to hanging off ladders and blasting the hair dryer down the back of the tank in an attempt to dry up the water.  So far I have succeeded and just keep replacing the wet towels and trying to contain it.  It's going to be a long night.

On top of that I went for my interview on Wednesday and unfortunately or fortunately I didn't get the job.  when I received the answer no, I politely e-mailed and asked for some feedback.  For future reference I need to know where I went wrong.  Well, the response I received was less than polite to say the least.  If that's the way they treat people I'm now pleased I didn't get the job. 

 The last nail in the coffin and more expensive was my oven decided to go pop.  So I have spent the week without a cooker and struggling to cook meals that could be made easily.  More expense that I could do without at this time of year.  At least my new cooker is here and I managed to rip the old one out and under the guidance of my good old dad managed to wire in the new one.  The place I ordered it from wanted to charge me £85 to do that. 

Hmm, maybe there's a career change for me there.  Maybe I should go into plumbing and electrics.  I'm certainly getting a fair amount of practise and judging by the prices these guys charge I could be making a bloody fortune.

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