Sunday, 27 March 2011

Forms! Forms! Forms!

Why is it that everything we seem to do requires a form to fill in.  What ever happens to these constant paper trails that we leave?  Do they just fall into a very large black hole, I wonder!.  I have spent two hours of my day, Yes! two very long and boring hours filling in forms, Forms for the Census, Forms to send to my Bank, Forms to send to my Solicitor, and even another form for my daughters School.

I took a pair a shoes back to a shop the other day and they requested I fill out a form, Why!!!  They weren't giving me my money back, the goods weren't faulty, all I wanted was to change the size.  Same Shoes, Same Colour, Different Size.  So why do I need to provide my name, address and date of birth.  It really is beyond me!

In this age where we are allegedly environmentally friendly and trying to reduce the amount of paper we use, why the need for all this useless paperwork,  The paper I have used this past day would have saved a whole forest, never mind a tree. 

We fill in the same information time after time after time, name, address, date of birth.  Next they will be wanting to know what we had for tea, what we watched on TV and when we went to bed.  It is ridiculous.

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  1. I think the census does ask us what we had for tea, what we watched on TV and what time we went to bed, doesn't it? ;-)