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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Review of The Hidden Cottage by Erica James

I've read many of Erica's previous books and enjoyed them enormously and this one did not disappoint.  Another cracker.

This is a sprawling tale of love and loss covering all emotions, love, hate, anger, lust, weakness and strength. 

A dysfunctional family is at the heart of this book.  Jeff the tyrant father who's controlled and made his family's life a misery.  Mia his wife whose suffered but just gets on with things determined to do the right thing by her children.  Daisy the youngest daughter, who idolised her father but is determined to put distance between them.  Eliza the middle child who is damaged by her fathers cruel words and believe herself not good enough and Jensen the eldest with his wild ways. And not forgetting the village Putin peacock who saves the day.

However, when a stranger appears in the village things start to change for the family.  He instantly falls in love with Mia but will Mia take the steps to change her future.  Can she admit to the feelings she has for him.

Each of the children has finally found love and their lives are finally on track, or are they?  Nothing ever seems to go right for poor Eliza and her taste in men leave a lot to be desired.  Daisy has fallen in love with her older flatmate and plans to move to Australia whilst has Jensen met the woman of his dreams.

A tragic accident blows everyones lives apart and it's then that tough decisions are made and live's are changed forever.

This is a real page turner and you can't help but fall in love with each and every character,  Even Jeff, who is not a nice man gets his comeuppance and you can't stop your heart, despite everything, going out to him.  A real emotional roller coaster of a read.

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