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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Video Games are officially banned!

Yep, my house is going to be a Wii free home as of now.  Little Charlie has just had one epic kick off, had a major telling off and gone to bed crying and all over a stupid game.  I've had enough and it's unplugged and staying that way for the foreseeable future.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against kids playing these consoles, we do have the Wii and 2 ds's in our house but they turn Charlie into a raving psycho after 30 minutes of play he transforms into the child from hell.  He gets so frustrated because he can't do something that he literally screams at the screen, runs riots and stand in front of me shaking with anger.  Not any more.

It's such a shame because I have to say these past few months his behaviour has been challenging to say the least however this week we seemed to have turned a corner.  We had some quality one on one time on Sunday and an afternoon at the farm where we had great fun jumping on hay bales, feeding goats and eating ice cream.  His behaviour has been impeccable ever since and tonight he plays the silly game and lets himself down.

The only thing I can do is remove the console and wait until he's a bit older and then consider re-introducing it in very small doses.  Unfortunately, video games and kids are a way of life now and no doubt once he's at school he will be wanting more and more games.  I'm not looking forward to those battles.  The one where I say no.

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