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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pants, Pants, Pants!

Oh dear, my little man was not a happy lad the other day.  With our up coming holidays his pants were looking rather shabby so it was time to go out and buy him some new ones.  Now, considering he's only 5 he's very picky when it comes to which pants he will wear.  He likes the neat fitting boxers and only with certain designs on, namely batman or angry birds.

I searched high and low for some and had to hit numerous shops to find what I was looking for.  Finally bingo! I found some.

I arrived to collect him from school laden down with bags to which he inquisitively asked, "Is that something for me?"
"It certainly is," I replied, "but you'll have to wait until we get home to see what it is."

Stepping in the front door he eagerly emptied out the contents of the carriers before he looked at me in disgust.
"Pants!" he shouted. "Pants, pants and more pants.  Argghhh, I hate pants"
He proceeded to have a tantrum of epic proportions, throwing himself on the sofa and burying his head in the cushions.  I calmly placed the pants back in the bag and left him to it. That was not the reaction I'd expected.
After a while he decided to have another look in the bag.  "How many pairs of pants have you bought me?" he asked.
"Well count them"
"Eight" he replied.  "Eight pairs of pants and I can't even wear them can I? Not until my holiday." He sulked
"You can wear the pants." I replied.  "I'm not saving them just for the holiday.  I bought you them because I thought you'd like them and your old news are looking tatty."
"Oh OK," he replied.  "You could have just bought me one pair and then bought me some toys though, couldn't you?"

I guess pants wasn't a great surprise. However, he proceeded to inspect each pair checking that the picture was OK before declaring, "Mummy, I love my pants.  In fact, I'm going to put these batman ones on right now."

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