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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bad start to the week!

It's only Tuesday and already I'll be glad when this week is over.  It's been a bad bad start.  I walked into the office yesterday not to be greeted by a, "Morning" or a "How's your weekend been?" Nope, the first words said to me were, "ooohhh, your ex is in the Hull office today.  He's sat down there, look."  Just brilliant.  Monday mornings are bad enough without that to add to it.

For the rest of the day people went out of their way, people I might add that never usually say a word to me of saying, "Oooh, your ex is in today" or "What's he doing working here today?  Is he back to stay?"  Arggh.  I have no idea.  If you really want to know go and ask him.  I'm his ex remember. How would I know what he's up to.

I don't know what people wanted me to do.  Maybe burst into tears in the middle of the office and have a meltdown.  Go over and slap him across the face or maybe go and snog him and declare my undying love.  I had no desire to do any of the aforementioned.  I just gritted my teeth and counted down the hours until going home time.  It was a very long and unpleasant day. 

Today didn't get much better.  The office excitement had died down and he wasn't there thankfully.  But it was MOT day.  Dropped my car off this morning I waited for the dreaded phone call. and, Yep it failed.  Not to badly but £150 worth of stuff that I could well do without paying out.  Still, "whatever needs doing just do it," I told the garage.
" Be ready about 3.30 - 4ish" they said.
No problem.  I leave work at 3 so I'll have a browse in a few shops and have a leisurely stroll down to the garage.

3:40 I arrive at the garage and there's my car on the forecourt.  Nice one, I though, all done.  Wrong.  The work hadn't even been started.  It won't be long they assured, half an hour. 
"I'll wait," I said.  Made a quick phone call to sort childcare and plonked my self down.  It's then I noticed a big sign, "We are no longer able to accept card payments.  cash only." You have got to be kidding! This was going to be out on the emergency visa card.  Fluff, fluff, fluffing, fluff.

With all of about £3.50 in my purse it was a walk to the nearby garage and the cash machine.  Did I have enough money in my bank account,  Ha, yeah right.  I couldn't withdraw the needed amount as I was about 93p short.  By this point I am a woman on the edge.  The joy of Internet banking.  Dug out my phone.  I'll sort a little transfer.  Wrong again,  the bloody Internet just would not let me log into my accounts.  There was only one thing for it.  A phone call to mum who saved the day and lent me the cash,  Hurray!

She arrived and handed over the money and the kids! I then had to try and cross a majorly busy road with my two devils in tow armed with all kinds of school bags and paraphernalia.  And then occupy them in the waiting room until 10 to 5.  By this time I had steam coming out of my ears and I still had an asda shop to tackle because the kids don't like the school dinner menu tomorrow and I haven't any pack up stuff in.

As for tea there was no way I was cooking tonight. "Fancy a MacDonald's tonight kids?" I have had enough. Roll on tomorrow.  It can't get any worse, can it?

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