Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hull of a day
Whilst sitting on the bus watching the world go by I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation taking place behind me.  The two young women were complaining that there was nothing to do. I wanted to jump up and shout do you not realise how lucky you are to live here. There is so much to do right on your doorstep.  I love living in Hull and couldn’t contemplate living anywhere else.

Hull has been plagued by bad press but I would like to set the record straight.  Millions has been spent on the city in the last few years, regenerating run down areas and creating a city I am proud of.    Hull has developed rapidly.  We can hold our head up high with the best of the rest.  As you enter the city, there is one sight that tells me I am home and that is the Humber Bridge, it never fails to take my breath away at the sheer size and beauty of this landmark.

I truly believe that I have everything I could wish for right here on my doorstep.  I live on the edge of a large council estate, yet just a 2 minute walk takes me to a local nature reserve that has brought our community together.   A perfect way to exercise is to dig out my rusty old bike and set off down the disused railway track now known as the Trans Pennine Trail.  Why pay for an over-priced gym membership when in just five minutes I can be pedalling through beautiful open countryside, passing sleepy villages. If I keep it up I can be at the local seaside town of Hornsea in no time for some well earned fish and chips.

If the weather is bad I can hop on a bus and within twenty minutes I am in the town centre. Here I can shop till I drop, which I must admit I often do. Then with aching feet, I meet up with friends in a trendy coffee shop, where we order full fat Muffins and milky lattes.  One of my favourite ways to spend the afternoon is to wander around the historic old town marvelling at the ancient architecture and popping into any one of the free museums. 

There are no shortage of ways that I can spend my evenings.  With 2 theatres, numerous cinemas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs I am literally spoilt for choice, however I nearly always opt to head for the Cosmopolitan Quarter, with its mix of quirky cafe bars and restaurants.  It’s a great place that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.  It’s the perfect way to relax.


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  1. Enjoyed feeding your fish at the top of the page! We'll all go for bike ride(s) in Summer... deffo... I need to remember how to ride my bike first!