Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Monday!

It's been a tough day today, I was back at work after a short period of absence, so as well as the school runs and the shopping etc etc etc that needed doing I had to also be super organised to achieve it all in the short time span before work loomed.

 I walked in the office feeling really positive, and ready to tackle the numerous challeneges and within 10 minutes the life was being drained from me. Firstly there was someone else sitting at my desk.  I mean come on, I wasn't away for that long.  So where were all my belongings?  Well they had been lovingly dumped at the other side of the office.  I thanked god that I was sat near people that I like and get on with, so at least on that score I breathed a sigh of relief.

So eventually got the old PC whizzing back to life and desk set up just as I like it.  Click, Click opened my e-mails.  A bombardment of information came whoosing off the screen.  Flashes of red, "overdue..." invaded my vision.  I was expecting a siren to start going off , due to the sheer volume of words, my brain felt over loaded.  Oh my god i needed some more time off I thought. But I set to work and it was pretty clear that 90% of what had been sent to me, was heading straight to the recycle bin. The 10% left were put to one side to be dealt with another day.

So thankfully the day passed pretty quickly.  Before to long it was time to get home to another round of cooking the tea, sorting baths and reading stories (I love it all really) now finally they are both tucked up and fast asleep, looking like two little angels. Time for some well deserved me time.

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