Sunday, 27 March 2011

Morally Wrong

I read an article today and it has really got under my skin.  I have been unable to get it out of my mind since I read it and feel that I have to make my feelings known.

The article referred to a mother injecting her eight year old daughter with botox and waxing her body to prevent her hair from growing in puberty.

How can any mother think about doing such a thing.  I have a five year old and she is perfect just the way she is..... Why would I inject her or inflict pain of any form on her.   I would feel bad enough if she had an illness where I had to inject her, to make her well.  But to do it just for beautification, Is absolutely beyond me.

Does she not realise that she is causing irreparable damage.  That her daughter will have to live with the mental, not to mention physical scars for the rest of her life.  Never mind that she could actually kill her.  The botox is being purchased off the Internet and could be rat poison for all she knows.

This surely can be described as nothing other then child abuse.  If I was to beat my daughter, I would be hauled in front of Social Services and rightly so. If I injected her with Class A drugs I would be banged up in prison.  But I could inject her with botox and nothing would be done.  It really does beggar belief.

Children grow up far to fast in as it is.  I can remember playing with Dolls at the age of eleven, An eleven .year old probably wouldn't been seen dead doing such a thing.  It's all about social networking, celebrities and looking good. 

Children should be allowed to be Children. Not mini Adults.

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