Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Officially Tired

Its been a few days, since I have had the time to write anything, so here goes.  I decided on Sunday that I needed to go on a diet,  To be fair since Christmas I have had a bit of a thing for the lovely stuff they call chocolate, and yep it's finally caught up with me.  When  I got on the scales to weigh myself ,I at first thought they had broken, but when I moved them to another room and tried again the result was worse,  So I stuck with the first reading.

I figured that I need to lose a stone, and I need to do it now,before the nice weather arrives.  It is time for some desperate action.  First things first, I dug out my old diet and fitness books and so far... I have eaten all healthy foods, with no slips (yet).  I've prepared my menu for the week so I know exactly what to have for tea, therefore I have no excuses. (Well that is the plan.)

Have also been using my daughters Wii.  Set up the first workout and on Sunday attempted 15 minutes.  That was easy I laughed, and had another go.  A hour and a half later finally decided that enough was enough.  Soon realised I should have stuck with the 15 minutes.  Woke up Monday morning and could barely move.  Did I give in? Not a chance, come Monday night I did another hour and again this morning another 45 minutes.  So hopefully when I weigh myself on Sunday I should see a result.  Will keep you updated.

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  1. Hi Jayne...just wanted to say best wishes with the diet. I sure know how hard it is. I started slimming world in January 2010 and lost 3 stones. I actually really need to lose another, but yes, my liking for that stuff called chocolate got in the way. To be honest I am pretty happy with where I am for now, as long as I don't put any back on:-)

    Also just wanted to comment on what you said in your 'about me' section. I am quite shy and often been mistaken for being stuck up too, which is not nice when people actually don't know you. I am finding having to network when I am writing articles for my WB course a nightmare. But I have put myself out there a couple of times and bagged some great info and quotes for my articles. I am hoping that the more I do it the easier it becomes.

    Good luck with the course and wow, you are a real inspiration after what you have been through.

    Best wishes, Helen