Sunday, 10 April 2011

What a great day today has been.   The sun has shone all day long and we have been on the first family day out of the year.  A trip to the farm.   The car was loaded up with wellies and rain jackets ( just in case, but thankfully not needed) and off we went.

The kids loved feeding and interacting with the animals.  The highlight for my 5 year old was holding the little fluffy chicks.   My two year old just loved the sheep. The freedom of being outside and letting them run free, safe in the knowledge that they are away from all the traffic is great.  It has done everyone the world of good, I feel so relaxed. 

Have consumed far to many calories.  A great big ice cream, which was divine, and we went to a BBQ.  I have to admit we purchased the burgers and sausages from the farm and they were delish.  Daren't tell the kids that the pigs we had been stroking today, would no doubt be made into sausages one day.  They would never eat a sausage again.

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