Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Naughty Blackbirds!

I am starting to get rather annoyed with a certain Mr Blackbird that keeps wrecking my garden.  I have been working quite hard on my garden recently and it is starting to look rather nice.  Anyway I have a three tier planter that I filled with loads of bulbs and over the last week numerous little shoots have started to appear.

 Over the last couple of days a certain Blackbird has decided to use my coconut liners to start building his nest in my miniature weeping willow.  The results is my planter is ruined and he has left a trail of destruction behind him.

Just look at the state of it..  Can you believe one blackbird has done this?  I was adamant this morning that it was next doors cat as he has a fondness for the my garden to.  I could not believe my eyes when I glanced out the window and spotted the culprit.

I admit I love the birds coming into the garden and I have a bird feeder, but not when the cause havoc.  I watched him literally tearing it to pieces.

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