Sunday, 18 September 2011


Anyone that knows me knows that I cannot cope with spiders.  Just the very thought of those 8 spindly legs, scurrying god knows where sends a shudder down my spine.  I can cope with pretty much anything but these are no go areas.  The last spider I had to evict took me 20 minutes to get rid of and it was only the guilt that it was next to my baby's bed that made to do it.  Otherwise I would have shut the door and left it to it. 

I have been given numerous hints and tips on getting rid of them including the vacuum but I just cannot do it.  The thought that runs through my mind is what if it touches me? Arrgggh...

So, tonight when Faye shouted "Mum, look at this spider, it's massive" I closed my eyes and just put my head on the table.  I couldn't deal with that tonight. Sneaking a peak, it was a monster. By the looks of it it had brought it's sleeping bag and was planning on sticking around. "Don't worry" she shouted "pass me the jug I'll sort it for you"  Bless her, I thought.  What is she going to do with it? but I happily handed her the jug and like a shot it was captured, a book slipped expertly under and within seconds it was trapped and than released at the bottom of the garden.

To say I was impressed is an understatement.  I cowered in the kitchen like a baby while she just got on with the task at hand.  she is definitely my hero.

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