Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Well, my day got off to a very bad start today.  Firstly, typically one of the coldest mornings so far and no central heating, and to make matters worse a poorly little girl.  So out came the calpol, dosed her up, got her snuggled on the setee watching a dvd and set about trying to get a heating engineer.

As luck would have it the first call I made I was told someone would be with me today.  Yipee! Low and behold just after 1 this afternoon and a very sexy engineer knocked on the door.  Well that just made my day so much brighter.  An hour later and £300 poorer, my heating had been fixed and the house was warming up nicely.

As was my daughter whose temperture has been increasing steadily through the day.  I have to admit that at 10am this morning I thought she had been fooling me on as she was bouncing round the living and chattering my head off. There didn't appear to be anything wrong with her at all.  However, when she fell asleep across tea time.  I knew, that actually yes she is poorly.  She is now tucked up in bed and hopefully will wake up feeling a lot better tomorrow.

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  1. Hope your little girl feels better soon hun x