Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fish and Chips!

"Lunch Norma, Can you see it? The fishing boat is back and I just bet it's full of lickle, wickle fishes all waiting for me to swoop down and scoff the lot.  I'm sooo excited,"
"Yeah, yeah, Trevor whatever"
"How can you not be excited? You know how much we love to wind up those fishermen.  They go all red in the face, shouting and flapping their arms around, like they wanna fly like us or something."
"I know Trev, but today I don't wanna pinch raw fish.  Do you know what I wanna do?"
"No, no, tell me Norma, tell me" squawks Trevor hopping excitedly from foot to foot, so much so that he almost loses his balance and falls off the wall.
"see that man over there?"
"The one with the windows on his eyes that keep flashing when the sun hits them, like he's sending out a signal to us.  I'm here! I'm here!"
"Yes, yes, yes I see him.  The one with the shiny bald head that looks like a target."
"Yes, that's the one.  Do you see what he has in his hand Trev?"
" Exactly Trev, Not just chips but hot battered fish and chips covered in glorious salt and vinegar.  Why would I wanna eat slimy raw fish when I can eat that?"
"Shall we do it? Norma, Shall we?"
"Don't forget the plan, Trev.  You fly off, hover above him, hit the target, he'll drop his package of grub and hey presto, lunch."
"woohoo, I'm ready Norma, I'm ready" Opening up his enormous wings Trev prepares to take flight.
"On your marks, Trev.  Get set and gooooooo!"

Thank you CT for allowing me to use your photograph.  Without it todays entry just wouldn't be the same.

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