Monday, 9 January 2012

No Pain, No Gain!

I didn't make any New Years resolutions because I simply can't stick to them.  Same as diets I just can't do it.  Fact is, I love my food to much.  I've done the Weight Watchers counting points and Slimming World weighing out food and counting syns and I lose all motivation because they just don't work for me.  I starve all week and live on lettuce and for what? I lose a pound.  Hurray!  I don't need to lose that much but I have over-indulged over the Christmas period and eaten far to much chocolate.  The wobbly bits just need toning up a bit.

The simple fact is I need to exercise more.  I can't get to the gym because being a single parent, when the kids are at school, I'm at work and they don't spend enough time with their dad, to enable me to get the most out of a gym. I did a bit a research and found that people were really positive about the Jillian Michaels workout, so my copy came today, I got the kids to bed and whacked it on.

Half an hour later I was laid in the middle of the living room floor hardly able to breath.  Holy S**t I practically crawled up the stairs into the shower and I just know that tomorrow is going to be even worse.  Still no pain, no gain. That is the most intense workout dvd I have ever ever done. I'm suppose to do that 5 times a week to get the results.

It might get another chance tomorrow but can't make any promises about that.

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