Monday, 20 February 2012

Big Bed!

It's official my baby is growing into a little boy.  Today I have been and ordered his big bed.  For the past two years he has been in a little toddler bed but he is rapidly outgrowing it and it has now got to the stage where he is waking himself up when he turns over and bangs himself on the toddler bars.  So, it's time for a proper single bed.  That's it now all the baby things are gone...and I very much doubt there will be anymore little babies.

I do feel a bit sad knowing that they are growing up and becoming more independent all the time.  But on the other hand it's nice to be able to have a little bit more time for me.  Take, for instance, writing this blog. I would only ever got to do any writing when the kids were in bed, but as I sit writing this they are sat playing in the middle of the living room, while I sit at the table happily typing away.

I had always said that I never wanted children; I'm so glad I changed my mind on that score.  Then after Faye was born I said I would actually like three.  Hmm I'm glad I changed my mind on that score as well.  Two is more than enough for me. 

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