Friday, 3 February 2012

Single Parent Discrimination!

 I have been thinking for a while about taking my two children to Disneyland Paris.  It's a dream I have hindered for a while it's just never been a suitable time to take them.   Now that they are getting older and more independent I have decided that I want to take them before the magic disappears.  Before the realise that it's just a person wearing an outfit and not the real 'Mickey Mouse'. 

Last night I saw an advert in  the local paper for an organised coach trip that would pick us up in the city centre take us direct to the park for two days and then bring us home at the end.  Perfect.  Reasonable prices and very little hassle.  Being a single mum taking two little ones it sounded the ideal way to travel. 

I could hardly wait to ring up this morning and book my tickets.  I had calculated the cost to be just under £500 not to bad for a 4 day trip for the three of us.  So, to say I was shocked when the operator announced the total cost to be £750 I nearly choked on my coffee.  Why the difference in price between what is showing on the Internet site and the price you are charging me?  Quite simply as I am travelling as a lone adult there is a supplement.

Why should single parents be penalised.  I want my children to enjoy the things that a normal, mother, father and 2 kids, family would enjoy.  Holidays abroad, nights away, weekend breaks etc etc.  I work hard to pay for these luxuries and I'm most annoyed that I am being charged a double adult fare because I am travelling alone.  Why should my kids miss out just because their dad isn't around and I aren't in a relationship.  I do all kinds of activities with my kids, just because I'm on my own doesn't make any difference to the quality family time we spend together. 

How can this be justified?  I'm only taking up 3 seats on the coach, I'm only booking 3 tickets for the ferry crossing and 3 tickets for the admission to the parks, yet I am being charged an additional £250 because the room is not fully occupied.  So that £250 covers an empty bed for a period of 2 nights.  Well I think it stinks and I'm considering taking this matter further.

Needless to say I ended the call with "Thank you, I won't be booking this with you." I guess it's back to the drawing board and more searching on the Internet for the best possible, cheapest deal out there.  One things for sure.  I will make my kids dreams come true, somehow, someday.


  1. That is so out of order. Good you didn't book. We're going this July too but from Denmark where we live. We did look into all different tours and found a cheap one in the end. Maybe try booking through Disneyland Paris direct website. I know it's more hassle as you have to book travel as well but maybe you can get a better deal. Wish you good luck and hope you find a way. Mette

  2. I've come across this 'single supplement' in a whole variety of ways over the years, and I agree that it stinks. Here they are preaching equality on all sorts of other issues and still the 'single' issue. Time people got real, time people DID kick up a fuss.