Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Parents Evening and big decisions to be made!

I've been to see my little girls teacher tonight and she is doing brilliantly at school.  She is definitely taking after her mummy as she is doing exceptionally well in with her writing.  Yeah, another budding writer in the family.  Mind you, I could have told them that. She has a little note book and is always scribbling away. 

Needless to say I am one very happy mummy.  The ex turned up and to be fair didn't say a lot.  He sat there looking not to pretty and contributed nothing.  I maybe shouldn't complain at least the effort was made.  hmmm!

Moving swiftly onto the bad things the teacher had to say, which were that Faye has not been herself these past couple of weeks.  Now I have actually had battles with her phantom tummy aches and not wanting to go to school. Granted she has been ill recently and I had thought that maybe she was playing on that, for a bit of extra sympathy .It is like over night she turned from an angel to a devil,  her behaviour has been awful,  she's had strops and thrown things around, been cheeky and generally is not her happy little self.  Working out the dates that this all started, it has coincided with her first sleep over at daddies.

It is obviously not working and has unsettled her.  My dilemma is, what do I do next?  I can see the battle lines been drawn yet again, but as a mother I will not have my kids upset.  We had a good old chat tonight and it breaks my heart when she says she can't concentrate at school because she is thinking about whether to do the right thing or not. "I can't get it out of my head mummy," were her words. "All I can think about is do I sleep but I don't really want to because it's scary."

She is six years old for crying out loud she shouldn't be having to deal with this.  I will make the decision for her.  There are no more sleep overs for the foreseeable future and until I have sought further advice on this matter.  What kind of a mother would I be if I allowed this to continue?

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