Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunshine Sunday

I went to my first BBQ of the year this afternoon.  It was lovely.  Good food, Good Wine and I have to say Good Company because they are family haha.  No, it was a really nice few hours.  The kids were with daddy and they turned up later on causing mayhem.

I have had a really quiet weekend.  It was well needed.  My stress levels have been through the roof these past few weeks mainly due to one naughty little boy.  Anyway I had a little break and he stayed over at his dads last night.  Faye didn't but apart from her constant chattering she is a good girl. I had a total of 30, Charlie free, hours and I can feel my blood pressure has returned to normal.

I'm certain that since Charlie was ill he has been possessed by the devil.  It has been one constant kick off, over everything and anything.  I finally flipped. There is so much a person can stand and on Saturday that line was crossed. The good thing is he has returned home a little angel, so far! I am under no illusion that it will last.

It's lovely just to have some me time.  To sit in the garden reading my book in the sunshine, with no interruptions.  No fighting, arguing, no constant shouts of "mummy, mummy".  I would soon be bored if I didn't have them, but I certainly appreciate my time off.  I have been totally selfish and very self indulgent and I can now face the week ahead.

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