Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pushing the Boundaries.

At my writing course the other night we were discussing characters and the various labels, that get unwittingly, attached to family members.  I thought about the label that I have within my family, especially whilst growing up. I was 'The rebel!'

My sister (Sorry K) was little Miss perfect.  She never did anything wrong.  She used to snitch on me a fair bit and get me into trouble all of the time, but she never caused the trouble. She never stayed out late, unlike me.  She never got drunk, unlike me. It didn't help that we had to share a bedroom.  We hated each other.  Her and her boyfriend would sit and whisper to each other and stare at me.  I would just turn my music on full blast and make as much noise as possible, not caring if they were watching TV.  It was my room.  I was the oldest.  I know you both hated me as much as I hated you. 

 My brother was the chilled out one, he still is.  Nothing bothers him.  He's also the lucky one.  I was the one that lost a fiver and he would be the one that found it.  He's 6 years younger than me, the baby of the family.

I just liked to push the boundaries.  I still do.  That's who I am.  Although I have calmed down a lot. As a teenager if I was told to be in at 9.  I would come in at 9.30.  Just because!   I would cut my nose off to spite my face just because I wouldn't do something that I had been told. 

I can imagine the headaches I must have given my parents.  Smoking, drinking, boyfriends, the list goes on.  I have never got myself into any serious trouble.  Just numerous scrapes.  I've never done drugs.  I've always worked, earned my own money and owe nothing to anyone.  My first job was as a breakfast waitress at a large city centre hotel.  I would get the 5.30 am bus into work and start at 6.30am.  I even managed to make it in on time when I had been out drinking until the early hours of the morning and managed my shift on 2 hours sleep, feeling bright eyes and bushy tailed.  I could take the pace back in those days.  There would be no way I could do that now.

I guess I have just grown up and can see the error of my ways now.  I wasn't that bad, was I? yeah, probably!  K is still with her boyfriend.  There relationship has stood the test of time and I am so glad that they are are my best buddies now.  As is my little bro and his girlfriend.  I am still a rebel though, I won't be told what to do and I do get myself in all kinds of scrapes.  It certainly makes life interesting. 

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