Thursday, 28 June 2012

Changes ahead!

It's been a while since my last blog post.  I have just sat down with a large glass of wine and decided that I really should post something, anything... The truth of it is that I'm wondering whether to carry on with this, find a new direction with it or quit it. I can't see me quitting because to be honest, I love it but it's become a bit stale. I do have a few ideas that I am playing around with so who knows there maybe some changes ahead.   I just feel a bit lost with it all.

The divorce is no further on then it was months ago.  Through gritted teeth I informed my solicitor that, yes, I would attend mediation at the ex's suggestion.  I was told I would receive a letter with a date and time etc for me to attend.  Well, I'm still waiting on that one.  I filed my paperwork with the court applying for decree nisi and surprise surprise I have heard nothing on that one either. 

I 'm beginning to think that this could more than likely go down as one of the longest divorces ever.  We would have been maried for almost 6 years and I have spent 2 years trying to divorce. That's a third of my marriage which isn't bad going.  I would really just like to know what the actual hold up with it is.  Answers on a postcard please.

I do have loads of stuff going on in my life at the minute and I think that there will be some fairly big changes, possibly,maybe, in the not to distant future. Due to this, just lately I have spent a lot of time writing my personnal diary, and no some things are just not meant for sharing.  It is defimately for my eyes only. Yes, I will admit that it does involve a man but that is all the gossip I am sharing for the minute.

My diary, I have to admit is my therepy.  It helps me to make sense of life and all the things going on.  This may sound straange but writing a diary has helped to change me as a person.  Before any issues good or bad I would look at in, a kind of, single minded way.  Now, I can write things down and this helps me to see things from different angles and maybe come up with different answers and or soutions.  It is also the only place that I can go to have a good arguement with myself and I do a lot of that.  Infact, there's Pages of it. 


  1. It is always interesting to read your blog, Jayne. I do hope that you will continue even if infrequently.

    1. Thanks Rainbow, I can't see my quitting I'm sure I will continue and be back on from soon with my updates. Think I just need some new inspiration.

      Jayne XX