Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's all over!

I have just read that the celebrity Myleene Klass has been left by her husband of 6 months.  Leaving her to bring up her two children.  Reading further on they had been in a steady relationship 11 years before marrying and 6 months later he's walked because he's realised that he doesn't want to married anymore.  Obviously there are always two sides to every story but it's got me thinking why do people that have been in a long term stable relationship, get married after years of being together only to split up shortly afterwards.

Me and my soon to be ex-husband had been together for 6 years and had Faye before getting married.  Looking back it seems that it was from that point that things went seriously wrong.  Prior to getting married I can only look back and remember the good times that we had to together.  The plans and dreams that we had.  The laughs and the fun.  To the world we were the perfect couple.  He was my life and I was his.  I thought I knew him inside and out,  I was wrong.

Then the wedding was set. The vows said and everything disappeared. The magic no longer existed  Things went irretrievably wrong.  He changed as a person and more than likely so did I.    Maybe he stopped trying.  Maybe so did I.  Neither of us has been blameless in any of this.  With the time I have had to sit and reflect on certain things I can see now where the indicators where but being blinkered you carry on the best that you can and try to work things out the best that you can.  I guess sometimes that this just isn't enough.

I have heard so many stories of a similar kind.  What is it with the whole being married scenario that appears actually destroy relationships instead of making them stronger.  Maybe society today is to accepting of divorce and separation.  Years ago it was frowned upon to get divorced and or have children out of wedlock.  Sadly, nowadays it is seen as the norm!

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