Friday, 29 June 2012

The outlook is bleak!

I have my crystal ball out and I can already predict that this weekend is not going to go according to plan and once again all my best made plans are going to go flying out of the window.

So, it's the scheduled weekend for the kids to go and stay at their dads.  Hmm, that is where I may have a problem.  After being fine all day, at around 7pm this evening Faye started complaining of a sore throat.  "Oh you'll be fine,"I told her.  Only half an hour later to find her burning up, wrapped in a blanket, shivering and looking as white as a ghost.  "I don't feel very well, mummy," she said. You aren't pulling a fast one kid because you look terrible.

I have snuggled her up in bed dosed up with calpol and ibuprofen.  The bad news is that I know once the medicine has worn off, she will be burning up and looking to come and snuggle in mummy's bed.  Oh the joy!  Good old tonsilitus is back with us again.
As with previous bouts of the illness, of which we are frequently plagued, she will point blank refuse to leave my side tomorrow.  She is very much a mummy's girl, especially when she ill.  She will choose to lay on the sofa watching numerous DVDs.  I'm predicting we watch Disneys the little mermaid, yet again, and maybe tangled.

So, that will quite possibly be Faye at home with me this weekend.  What to do about Charlie? He's fit and well and will quite happily go trotting off to his daddies tomorrow, I hope.  The sleeping over part I am not so sure he will handle. It's complicated!!! 

Anyway, I can now see that the routine me and the ex have had in place is going to go very very wrong.  The kids seem to be starting to adapt to sleeping at their dads, which is a good thing. It's taken a long time to get to this point and it was working fairly well.  It firstly, gives me a well deserved break to recharge my batteries.  Also I do and have always maintained that I want them to have a good relationshp with their dad.  But, he is not very flexible and point blanks refuses to change his plans.

Looks like if the kids don't end up staying this weekend, the next weekend they will spend with him will be 4 weeks away.  Meaning the routine has been lost and basically it will be like starting all over again.  Next weekend he can't have them because as I will be told "It's not his weekend".  The weekend after has already been re-arranged because Faye has a dance show and once again I have to deal with that and adapt my plans. The weekend after will once again be "my weekend".

 The next full weekend I will have to myself will be 28 July.  5 weeks without a proper break.  No doubt by that time I will be stressed to the max.  Better take some deep breaths and prepare myself.  I've handled it before, on numerous occassions and no doubt it will be a walk a park (yeah right) this time.

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