Saturday, 11 August 2012

Drama Queen

Charlie is turning into a right little drama queen at the minute.  He has acquired this affliction with his leg, in particular his ankle.  It's funny but every time he is told to do something or is told off for something, this poorly ankle suddenly appears out of nowhere.  He flings himself around screaming, "my ankle, my ankle, ow, ow, ow, I've twisted my ankle." hmmm I am not impressed.

Take the other day, despite the fact that he is almost four he refuses to wipe his bum or blow his nose.  He is more than capable of carrying out both tasks, quite adequately, on his own.  He can get his own clothes out in a morning and dress himself.  OK, the clothes don't always co-ordinate and have to be subtly changed and they are more than likely to be on back to front, inside out or even upside down but at least he is trying. When it comes to the hygiene matters, well he is a nightmare.

He had been to the loo and was screaming at the top of his voice, "mummy, I've finished." I went to find him and told him to wipe his bum and pull up his pants, which he point blank refused to do.  15 minutes later he is laid on the bathroom floor with his pants round his ankles, screaming "ow, ow, ow, my ankle." It would have been so easy just to give in, carry out the task and have done, but what happens next time and the time after that? I stuck it out and after half an hour he realised that it was getting him nowhere.  Where upon he sorted himself out, pulled up his pants and came running out to play like nothing had happened.  Result!

Ten minutes later we had to go through the whole rigmarole again when his snotty nose was running.  Once again he couldn't blow it because of his 'ankle'.  Why having a bad ankle effects him using his arms is beyond me. 

He got the message again and eventually, he very begrudgingly wiped his nose, whilst glaring me and angrily stormed off, throwing his tissue on the floor.  I was treated to a rather loud growl and a very evil look when he was told to pick the tissue up and put it in the bin.  He stomped through the house and promptly threw it away.   By that time the snot was back and we had to start all over again.

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