Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review of The house in the Atttic by Helen Cardwell

I was a little disappointed with this book.  I do like a good ghost story and the 5 star reviews it obtained were in my opinion a little to generous.  The plot was  nothing special and much the same as any other predictable ghost story.  The setting was a creepy old house in the village of 'Mournsby' (Really, not a very original name) and typically over-looked an old over grown cemetery,

To me there were to many paranormal characters and I'm still trying to work out exactly who the main character is.  Human or other.  Going by the name of Elinor, a teenager with a turbulent past it transpires that she is actually the daughter of death and rescues her cousin from the clutches of the evil Mrs Barrowhyde. 

Don't get me wrong, I did actually really enjoy this book and found it easy reading.  The problem was it was just a little to predictable.  The ending was as seen a million times before and I wouldn't chose to read a follow up to this particular book.

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