Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wishes do come true

Charlie has got his wish and he has snow.  Having been at work this week today has been the first opportunity I have had to take both the kids out to enjoy it.  Armed with sledges we headed to the nearby little hill and what fun they had whizzing up and down while their cheeks got rosier and rosier and my feet getting colder and colder. 

"Mummy, it really really feels like it's Christmas again!" shouted Charlie as he whizzed past me and ended up in a heap at the foot of the hill. "I love this mummy, it's the best ever Christmas, ever"  My thoughts were believe me Charlie I can't cope with another Christmas just yet.  I haven't fully recovered from this one.

So it was two wet and cold but very smiley children that came in today.  With a change of clothes it wasn't long before we were all snuggled up under the fleecy blanket on the sofa watching cbeebies and drinking hot chocolate.  Does life get any better than that?

With the forecast of more snow, I have to confess that the novelty is starting to wear off now.  The endless task of gloves, scarfs, wellies for the school run adds at least another 10 minutes before we attempt to open the door. The thankless task of de-icing the car while the kids sit waiting and to pass the time start fighting and screaming at the tops of their voices and don't even get me started on driving in this weather.  Roll on the Summer

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