Monday, 28 January 2013

Working from home. Easy?

I had a poorly little boy today which meant that I had to take an emergency days holiday to stay at home and look after him.  Determined to make the most of my day regardless my plan was to get Charlie sorted in front of the TV with a DVD - obviously he wouldn't want to do much else but sit and watch TV - leaving me a spare couple of hours to spend on my numerous ongoing writing projects. 

I have always had this little dream of working from home.  How easy would it be to be at home with the kids?   To be able to work when you like would be perfect.   Fit the work around the kids.  It turned out to be definitely a lot harder than I envisioned.

Getting one off to school I returned home and made a start on the breakfast pots, the washing and the various other chores that needed doing.  Then I spent 10 minutes putting together a train set, which Charlie then decided he didn't want to play with. Spent a further ten minutes packing it away.  Got the soldiers out, only to ten minutes later to pack those way as well.  He then moved on to playing the WII to which the requests to change games were never ending.  All my suggestions of watching a DVD were instantly dismissed.

Come 11:30am I had managed, despite my best efforts, to write approximately 25 words.  After fighting a losing battle I closed my books and gave in temporarily.  Come 4:30pm the tea was all in hand and cooking nicely.  The kids for once were playing nicely together in the living room.  I spotted a little chance to sneak back to my desk in the corner,  Yep, I got there, sat down, opened the books and read the first line.  With that Faye decided to start yapping on at the top of her voice in her pretend foreign language.  The sound of "alags yowhollagar dushligar dank dank dosk dansk ulagr ulagr ohhh lalalala oooo du la jescla filed the air.  Arrrrgggghhhh, I give in. 

Working from home is most definitely not the attractive option that I had envisioned.

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