Sunday, 3 February 2013

Awkward moments.

I did something that I very rarely do today.  I tackled the food shopping at the local asda on a Sunday afternoon.  It was horrendously busy and I now remember the reason that I don't do the food shopping of a weekend.  It definitely won't be happening again anytime soon.

There we was the four of us, me, my man and the two kids.  Now, my man was being very brave as it was as it was his first experience of doing the weekly shop with two kids.  There he is pushing the trolley around with charlie sat inside and Faye swinging of the ends whilst I nip here and there dodging in and out of people trying to get what I need.  Suddenly "Grandaaaddddd" came the shop down the aisle and Faye whizzed past me and flung herself into the arms of her grandad.  The grandad being the dad of my ex-husband. 

Now we haven't really seen that much of each other since the split. We made small talk for a little while before I made my excuses and headed off down the aisle.  As I turned the corner I bumped headlong into the Ex, with his girlfriend and new baby.  Oh, how awkward it all felt.  It such a weird feeling to be caught between the past and the present.  Typically  every aisle we then found ourself in we were assailed by one or the other of them.

I couldn't wait to check out of the place.  It's an experience I am not in any hurry to repeat. 

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