Monday, 11 February 2013

Review of Easy by Tammara Webber

Billed as the 'New York Times Bestseller' I decided to give this book a go.  The first chapter totally grabbed me and pulled me into this book.  A spilt from a long-term boyfriend, attacked in a parking lot by a known and fellow student and rescued by a dark and handsome stranger left me turning page after page.

To be honest It all went a little flat for me. As we went over the split and we had the Lucas / Landon flirting but getting nowhere scenarios.  At this point I found the book to be very easy reading and yes enjoyable but nothing keeping me awake and needing to read more.  The whole Lucas / Landon scenario was a little predictable and I almost gave up on this book.

I am so glad I didn't.  The last few chapters of this book were amazing, really bringing the story together and explaining the unsaid things from previous chapters . The revealing of the deep dark secrets and the under lying relationships with the shock of a  further attack left me churning through the pages to get to the ending this book so rightly deserved.

This book would probably appeal to the younger end of the market with it's college campus setting.  However the message this book is getting across is really strong and applies to woman of all ages.  Story lines relating to rape can sometimes come across as a little predictable and preachy but I found this one to be handled really well.

I fell in love with the main hero of the book Lucas, although he couldn't be described as my ideal man, with his tattoos and lip piercing,not a look I'm generally attracted to.  As a character he totally pulls at the heart strings and you feel his pain.  

This book is well worth a read.

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