Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Glorious Guitar

Ever since we visited the local toy shop and Faye spotted a pink guitar she has wanted one.  My immediate answer was, "Well, you'll have to save your pocket money and you can buy one yourself."  On reflection I decided that actually I would give her some money towards it. I like to encourage my kids and if her interest lies in music that can only be a good thing.

She come home from school yesterday and there to her surprise was the guitar complete with an instruction book.  The plan was, as I also have an interest in playing musical instruments, that it was something we could try and learn together.  I also opted to bring the keyboard that has been sitting at her Nanna's house to my house to encourage her to learn to play that as well. The problem is the keyboard has a very loud microphone to.

Hmmm, I am beginning to regret my decision now.  After hours and hours of endless random strumming and her singing very badly at the top of her voice.  My head is aching and my ears can't take anymore.  I really wish there was a volume switch for both the guitar and the child.

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