Saturday, 9 March 2013

Easter Bonnet making

With Easter fastly approaching I received the dreaded school letter for the annual Easter bonnet parade.  Dragging out previous years attempts my suggestion of just tidying up an old hat and adding a few more chickens and eggs was met that a look of pure disgust. "You can't do that mummy," I was told in no uncertain terms that we were making a brand new hat.  Oh great, was my thoughts.

To make matters worse I was thrilled when I was informed that Charlie's playgroup were this year opting not to do the Easter parade and were doing an egg hunt instead.  Perfect.  One less hat to make.  Not quite.  Charlie decided that even though he didn't need one if Faye was making a hat then so was he.

I'm not an arts and craft person. I hate glue and glitter and would quite happily pay someone to take over the challenge on my behalf but with no offers in sight it was a trip to the local pound shop where I returned with bags of coloured paper, bunnies, chicks, eggs and general bits of tat.

The kids had a great time.  We all sat at the table and with glue sticks and paper galore it wasn't long before we had two hats finished and even if I do say so myself we've made a good job of it.

We now only have the decorated egg contest to undertake.  I think we'll save that for another day as I firstly need to come up with an idea as once again my suggestion of simply using using last years egg with a few minor tweaks was once again viewed with horror. 

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