Friday, 22 March 2013

Fed up of being Cold

This weather is starting to get to me now.  Once again I've woken up to yet another miserable, freezing cold, grey day.  On top of that we have strong winds blowing the rubbish out of my wheelie that I have had to spend 10 minutes chasing down the street gathering back up,  Grrr! Maybe I should be thankful we don't have any of the white stuff on the ground.  I'm not holding my breath on that one as there is a very real threat that we could get some of that as well,  I'm sure I had icicles hanging off the end of my nose when I completed the school run this morning.  Anyway I'm now sat at my desk defrosting with the heater on full blast, a nice cup of coffee and a lovely piece of chocolate brownie cheese cake.  Ohhh the calories, ohhh the naughtiness, ohhhh the pure joy!

The question is when is the weather going to improve?  I'm a fair weather person that needs regular sunshine and a little bit of warmth.  We've had our fair share of snow and cold.  I need to get back out in the garden and get the kids out and about on some family days out.

Speaking of which we did have a day out last Saturday to Flamingoland  It was a bit of a last minute decision but the chance of some half price tickets that don't come up very often was to good an apportunity to miss.  Picnic done, hats, scarfs and gloves at the ready the forecast was cold but bright and dry.  That would do me.  Just as we set off the rain started and continued to get heavier and heavier.  By the time we were almost there I was close to crying over how much of a disater the day would be and how miserable I would feel to have to be soaking wet all day.

Luckily enough, the gods were watching down and, as we pulled into the car park the rain stopped and the sun almost come out,  Result! Heading into the theme park the kids were almost bursting with excitement and their little faces just beamed all day as they went on ride after ride after ride.  Faye is such a little dare devil and not content with the little childrens rides anymore she wanted to go on the more extreme rides.  My man took her on the Pterodactyl ride that whoosed them 151 feet into the air and then spun them around and around before plummeting back down.  My man looked a little green after that one and then I was persudaed, (not to much I love them too,) to go on the Mumbo Jumbo with her which is reported to be the worlds steepest rollercoaster with a 112oc vertical drop and two loop the loops.

I'm not really a fan of the bumper cars but the rest of the family loved them and had numerous goes.

I think the most memorable part of the day had to be all the calamities that I endured.  Having only been there an hour I managed to slip and ended up with one leg of my jeans covered from knee to ankle in thick, brown, sticky, horrible mud.  It was disgusting.  Of course, I'd taken clean clothes for the kids but as per normal I forgetten about myself.  Then whilst having our picnic and  enjoying a little sit down I had just poured myself a much needed coffee when a cheese and onion pringle proceeded to fly off my plate and promply land in my coffee cup.  Yuck.  Not content with  that tomatoe pips squirted out of my sandwich when I took a bite and dripped dowm the front of my coat and then a cream bum was dropped on me by my man.  You can imagine the state I looked when I came home.  Oh yeah, almost forget, as I was closing my handbag the tab on the zip broke off in my hand which resulted in me hitting myself in the nose.  After all that I can only sum the day up as totally brilliant and full of laughs. Perfect!

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