Sunday, 10 March 2013

Food, Food and More Food!

I have to say I have been spoilt rotten again this weekend by both my man and my kids.  Unfortunately my kids didn't wake up with me this morning as they stayed over at their dads last night but I did get to pick them up at 9.30am and despite them both being a little under the weather and full of cold we have had a nice day together.

I got loads of lovely cards and presents from the kids including flowers and chocolates.  Faye bought me a special wine glass with special mum on it and Charlie got me a coffee mug with best mum on it.  They know me so well, bless em.  The best bits had to be the homemade cards that they made at school and playschool.  These are definitely new additions to my keepsake box.

Last night with no kids my fella had a nice night in planned and I was told that he was going to cook for me which I was really looking forward to.  Only upon my arrival he asked me if I was hungry and proceeded to call up the local Indian takeaway. What a cop out! He got an ear bashing for that I can tell you.  Although he did redeem himself by surprising me with the new Penny Vincenzi book I have been after and it was a really, really nice takeaway and he did get me a bottle of wine to go with it so I may let him off the hook later on. Although I didn't buy his grovelling explanation as to the reason why he didn't cook. 

After all the food I managed to consume I was fit to burst and I can recall saying that I wouldn't need to eat for three days. Yeah right. I managed to last until about 12 noon today. We had a table booked for dinner at a local pub and were soon tucking into Sunday Lunch. I managed to consume Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding finished off with Chocolate Fudge Cake and Ice Cream.  The best bit was my desert was free due to it being Mothers day but being the nice person I am I did share this with my kids and my fella so I wasn't all greedy.

The diet definitely starts tomorrow after all the calories I have consumed these last few weeks it needs to stop before I start looking like the back end of a bus.  Best get these chocolates eaten tonight. It would be rude not to.

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