Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Holiday Starts Now!

Yeah, I have 12 days off work.  12 days where I can have a little sleep in.  12 days that I don't need to set my alarm.  I can't wait to be able to wake up and have a little sit on the sofa while I have my morning coffees, instead of gulping them down on the go.  Better still I may even get to sit and have a sneaky little read of my book while I'm drinking said coffee.  Bliss.

I just need the weather to improve so that I can get the kids out and about.  My man is also on holiday next week so I'm really looking forward to doing loads of Easter activities and spending time with the family.  However, I think before I take Charlie anywhere I need to invest in some bubble wrap and cover him in head to toe.

He is currently sporting three lovely bruises in varying shades of black, purple and green in a line across his forehead.  Accident one, involved his sister, a plastic sword and pretending to be Captain Jack Sparrow.  Yep, he got walloped.  Accident two, involved an indoor play area and a slide.  He slid down too fast rounded the bend and boom, bruise two.  Accident three occurred this evening.  I collected him after work, brought him home, let him out the car where he proceeded to race to the front door, tripped over his own feet and fell face first onto the path. 

I dread to think what people are thinking when they see him. 

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