Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lazy Sunday

I could quite easily have stayed in bed all day today when I woke up and heard he wind whistling around.  It's another day for staying indoors, again, and keeping warm and cosy.  Despite the sun trying to make an appearance it's certainly not any warmer and my garden furniture is being blown to pieces.  I did have a very nice and rare sleep in this morning.  It felt so naughty to be only getting out of bed at 9.30am.  With no kids around there was nothing I needed to get up for so it was coffee in bed watching the rubbish Sunday morning TV.

We did have a really late night last night and my man spoilt again.  It was Chiquitos' for tea and then onto the cinema.  We've been wanting to see the horror movie 'Mama' for a while and last nights showing didn't start until 9:50 meaning it was almost midnight before the left the cinema.  It was a brilliant film and I really enjoyed it.  You can't beat a good horror movie especially snuggled up on the back row in the comfy VIP seats and before any gets any ideas, no, there was no funny business. If anything, I almost nodded off a couple of times.  Haha. 

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