Friday, 1 March 2013

Mexican Tonight

In an attempt to get the kids to try new foods I came up with the idea of having little theme nights.  In so much as I create a number of small taster dishes for them to try.  We've had Indian where I did a mild curry and accompanied with naan breads, various dips, samosas, onion bhaji and poppadoms and Charlie was really impressed.  Faye not so much.  Tonight it's Mexican.  And just thinking about it is making me hungry already.  My man has even arranged to leave work early to be home in time.  I personally think it's to ensure that me and the kids save him some and don't polish off the lot.

The menu for tonight is small portions of enchiladas, fajitas and nachos all smothered in sour cream, salsa and guacamole and finished with a generous helping of grated cheese. hmmmm. We have had Fajitas before and Faye loved them so I'm just progressing from them and adding a few extra bits.

After tea when no doubt we will be all fit to burst we will progress to the sofa, glass of wine in hand or maybe a pear cider I haven't decided yet, and all snuggle up together for our family DVD night.  Tonight's movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. 

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