Friday, 15 March 2013

PJ's for School!!!

Yesterday was a good day.  To start with I hit the sales and managed to grab myself a fair few bargains which is always a good way to start the day.  I came home with bags full of clothes for the kids and there was a few cheeky items in there for myself, not that I need them I might add.  My wardrobe that was thinned out and sorted a mere few months ago is once again back to bursting.  What can I say? I just can't resist a bargain or two.

With it being red nose day today the kids brought a letter home from school to say it was non-uniform day and they could go to school wearing whatever they liked,  even pj's.  Lets just say it been a big decision this morning for Faye.  Should she go in one of the new outfits I bought her yesterday? Should she go in fancy dress? or should she go in PJ's? Eventually she opted for the PJ's and I know her reasoning behind this decision.  If she goes in PJ's she can take along a teddy to complete the look. So off she's gone wearing her PJ's with the biggest pink monkey she could find to complete the outfit.

Much to Charlie's disappointment his playgroup aren't doing any activities today for red nose day and therefore he has just had to go along as normal.  He has taken along his red nose however I'm not so sure that this is really a very good idea. He's had a bit of a cold and at the moment his nose if streaming with snot. So it's not really a good time to place things on his nose.  I'm thinking it's going to be used as a snot catcher more than anything which is not a pleasant though.

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