Sunday, 28 April 2013


We had a brilliant but tiring day out at the Eureka children's museum in Halifax.  The kids said, "It was the best day out ever" and I have to admit we did have great fun.

On arrival we headed to the street and the kids dashed into the miniature 'Marks and Spencers' complete with mini trolleys, tills and work uniforms.  Funny how the kids normally hate the weekly food shop but here I had to drag them out.  Then it was into the bank where we used the cash machine, deposited out cheques, entered the vault and did a little bit of safe-breaker whilst checking out the CCTV monitor's. A quick trip to the post office to pop on our jackets and grab our heavy post bag and deliver some post. Before finally heading into the garage to fill up with fuel, go through the car wash and even carry out an MOT and fit some new tyres.

From there we went underground to see how the gas pipes are laid before heading back upstairs into the house.  A quick meal preparation in the kitchen complete with mini appliances saw Faye cooking up a storm.  Charlie is fascinated with water and therefore loved the bathroom section which showed him where all the water comes from and goes to when you flush the toilet and run the bath.  Into the bedroom we went to find the cupboards full of good and bad dreams.  The kids drew some pictures of their bad dream pictures and posted them to 'Baku' who took them away forever.  Charlie then said, "Mummy, I have a bad dream every night so can we come everyday and post them?"
"I think we might have to save them up for the next visit" I replied. 

After all that we were starving and of course the weather was a bit cold, wet and windy so the thought of a picnic outside didn't seem much fun. I was delighted to find that they actually had a number of indoor picnic areas.  We opted to sit in the disused railway carriage and have our picnic. This was great fun especially as this was located right opposite the train station so Charlie was in his element watching the real trains whizz past, although he was a little nervous that out train was going to take off somewhere.

We spent a good deal of the afternoon in the their new exhibit, "all about me."  From electronic measuring devices to photos that allow you to see yourself in years to come, mine wasn't a pretty sight I can tell you.  I really was impressed by how educational this section was but such good fun.  Faye loved this section as it really tied in with the work she has been doing at school on the senses so my trip was perfectly planned.

A visit to the midwives allowed the kids to scan the pregnant ladies tummy and feel the baby kick.  It was then off to the dentists to find the wobbly tooth and learn all about our teeth.  A quick check up at the doctors led to us entering a giant machine that performed a fully body scan of us.  The funniest part of the day was definatly the giant nose complete with nose hair and bogeys.  Charlie ran a mile when he popped his head up the nostril to get a closer inspection of the bogey and the nose went haaahaaachoooo and sprayed snot all over his hair.  He wasn't impressed and didn't go back for a second look.

All in all it was a fantastic day out and what's better is we now have an annual pass so can return for free which I definitely plan to do.

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