Monday, 13 May 2013

Girlie Day

With my little princess still not being well this morning it was an unscheduled day off work for me, a day off school for her, whilst little monster went to playschool.

It was really nice to spend some girlie time together.  As most mum's with multiple children will know it's difficult to give your undivided attention to one child.  It's particularly difficult when your a single mum, as there is only one of you and much as I'd sometimes like to, I can't split myself in two.

It's easier to get quality one to one time with Charlie because he's not yet at school. I have all day Thursday and Friday to spend time with him but unfortunately with Faye being at school when she's at home, so is Charlie.  What makes things especially hard is Charlie is very much a mummies boy and gets very jealous of the attention I do manage to give to Faye.

It was so nice, therefore, to have a few hours together without Charlies attention seeking behaviour to have some girlie time.  We sat and played board games, cuddled up on the watching TV and just had some much needed one on one time. 

She has been getting a few tellings off recently.  She's growing up and becoming just a little bit cheeky and naughty.  These last few weeks I actually feel like all I have done is tell her off.  However, today she has been like another child, I feel like I have my Faye back, and we seem to have got back on track.  I know that these past few weeks have been as difficult for her as they have for me.  If truth be told, I can't say to much about her behaviour because I know that she is a clone of me, personality, looks, the works and as my mum is fond of telling me, I am now getting a taste of my own medicine.  Oh, how I dread the teenage years!

Today has really shed a new light in things and I've maybe realised that I need to try and find a way to give her a little more one to one time.  It's what we both need. Thankfully she's fully recovered now and it's back to school tomorrow.  Unfortunately that means it's also back to work for me with an influx of hours to now try and juggle around and make up. 

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